Psychotic Disorders are classified as a group of serious illness that affects the mental health of a person. They make it hard for someone to make good judgments, think clearly, communicate effectively, understand the reality of life, respond appropriately or change their behaviour.
When the symptoms become severe, people suffering from psychotic disorder starts having trouble staying in touch with reality and they are often unable to handle daily life activities.
But even these severe psychotic disorders can be cured, by using different techniques a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP can help one with psychotic disorder.


There are various types of psychotic disorders, including:-


People suffering from this psychotic disorder have changes in their behaviour and also other various symptoms like- Hallucinations and worrying which can last longer than 6 months. Schizophrenia affects the patients in their life like at school, in their work place and also in their relationships.


The symptoms of this psychotic disorder includes disorganized thinking (speech), very disorganized or abnormal motor behaviour and they also tends to have hallucinations


The most common symptom of this psychotic behaviour is having delusions (fixed belief) involving a situation of reality that could be true but isn’t such as being followed, being plotted against or having an illness these delusions generally lasts for a month.


This psychotic disorder has all the symptoms similar to schizophrenia but its starts in later time of life, when people get elderly.
Doctors still don’t know the true cause of these psychotic disorders. Researchers believe that different things plays a part like some disorders run in the family and can be hereditary and other things may also a play a part in developing them like stress, anxiety, drug abuse and major life experiences.
People suffering from psychotic disorders like schizophrenia may also have problems in the part of their brain that controls perception, thinking and motivation.
Experts believes that the brain chemical that is known as glutamate does not work properly with the nerve cell receptors in disorders like schizophrenia and that is what affects the part of brain controlling perception and thinking. These conditions generally appear when a person is in their late teens, 20’s and 30’s. These affects men and women almost the same way.


NLP has always been used to cure fears and phobias, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder and overall reduced quality of life due to various psychological conditions.
An NLP therapist may use variety of techniques such as visualization which involves forming an image mentally which can be manipulated accordingly to cure the psychological stress which is affecting the person. They can use another technique known as visual-kinesthetic dissociation it is a process which a therapist guides the person in reliving trauma from the distance of imaginative out-of-body experience.
NLP therapy can be a short-term or long-term depending upon the person and extent of the problem. NLP therapies are intended to help clients understand their own minds how do they work or think the way they do. It also helps them to learn their moods and behaviours so that they can control it and change their way of life.


We at Nuviscoach encountered a person with vertigo which is a psychotic disorder or phobia of height. NLP Coach Vinay met him at one of his sessions and then asked him when did this all started. He told Vinay that he visited Paris and went to see Eiffel tower when he was on the top of Eiffel tower he felt a little anxious and uncomfortable then he saw a couple, the husband was pulling his wife’ hand to watch near the railing but she was very uncomfortable to come but still his husband insisted on pulling her and that made the patient very scared.
When he came back, he bought a penthouse on the 13th floor, then one day he went to see the construction with his wife and when he reached to the 13th floor he became so frightened and so afraid that he couldn’t stand there and even decided to sell that penthouse in loss.
After hearing to his story Vinay used different patterns of NLP known as Fast Phobia which helps in curing psychotic disorders like phobias. After 15-20 min after complete process he felt good and didn’t felt anxious when we tested him. The next day he went to Statue of Unity which is the world’s highest statue located in India for a meeting and told Vinay that he went to the 45th floor and he was feeling very good he didn’t feel any fear or anxiety.  He even recorded a video from there and shared with us.

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