Generalized Anxiety Disorder is characterised by a constant and excessive panic about a number of different things. People suffering from generalized anxiety disorder or GAD may foresee disaster and destruction and may be overly concerned about health, money, work, family issues and other issues related to them.

GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder may also be characterised by six months or more chronic, exaggerated tension and worry that is uncorroborated or much more severe than a normal anxiety that most people use to experience. People suffering from GAD always expect the worst they even worry when there is no sign of trouble they are restless and may often suffer from insomnia. People suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder may also show physical symptoms like shivering or trembling, headaches and irritability.
There are many ways through which you can start your journey of healing and one of them is NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is a therapeutic technique used to detect and re-program unconscious patterns of thoughts and behaviour in order to alter psychological responses. NLP will help you to understand and modify your way of thinking, using language patterns called pacing and leading and also modify your behaviour.


People suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder worry uncontrollably about common incidents and situations GAD is also known as chronic anxiety neurosis. GAD is different from normal feeling of anxiety for e.g. it is common to feel anxious about things that are happening in your life like finance people do worry about their financial status but a person who is suffering from generalized anxiety disorder may worry uncontrollably about their finances several times a day. Sometimes people suffering from GAD just worry, but they are not able to speak what they’re worried about. Symptoms of GAD include:
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Shaking
  • Sweaty palms
  • Rapid heartbeat


Causes and risk factor for generalized anxiety disorder may include:-
  • Family history of anxiety
  • Excessive intake of caffeine or tobacco, which can make already existing anxiety worse
  • Childhood abuse like Bullying
  • Recent or prolonged exposure to stressful incidents which includes personal or family illness.


A NLP coach or hypnotherapist use common NLP techniques like Anchoring, Reframing, dissociation, Belief Changing and Future pacing to cure social anxiety, these techniques are proved to be very useful and gives great results in matter of minutes.
Learning how to respond differently to triggering situations
Identifying adaptive behaviours overcoming maladaptive behaviours while still achieving same goals.
Disconnecting  from a painful or negative experience of pasts
Changing those negative belief that hold you back from success
Integrating goals in your life that helps you to achieve success after therapy.
In a therapy session a NLP coach might ask you to compare your belief about two areas of your life
  • First belief where you have difficult experience
  • Second belief where you have an experience of success
This process would then require visualization and anchoring you would be told to imagine the belief that holds you back fading them until those belief becomes insignificant.


NUVISCOACH has always encountered very fascinating people with very disturbing memories that haunts them and made them full of anxiety and this case was no different.
We held a NLP session and there we met this lady who had problem sleeping due to anxiety disorder when NLP coach and Hypnotherapist Vinay asked her when did this started she shared a very disturbing memory.
She told Vinay that back in 2015 her brother had two massive heart attacks which affected her very badly, she started to worry about her brother’s condition and it did not stop there she also started worrying about everything and every time a thought came to her mind or there was a phone call she thought only about worst, even after her brother told her that he was fine and doing well still she worried so much that a point came where she started having problem sleeping.  
She showed every symptom of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and regarding that Vinay started her healing journey with the use of different techniques of NLP coach Vinay completely cured all her problems that she was suffering from and she is now completely healed of all anxiety and sleeping disorder she had before.
Her testimonial: