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About Us

Nuviscoach is an international training organisation. We have benefited over 5000 deligates covering approximately 25 countries across the globe. Our experts also provide personalized Life Coaching, Business Coaching to help people grow in their life

Our student body variesin cultureand skill.
We have the best team of international NLP coaches with us who are directly trained by the Co-Founder of NLP, i.e., Sir RICHARD BANDLER. Our coaches are :

  1. 1 Pritam Goswami
  2. 2 Vinay Sharma
  3. 3 Liz Rees

Our Organisation is the India's leading organisation of NLP Learning and Excellence; we deliver the highest quality NLP Educational Programmes available in the India today.
Ourinformationranges from personaland companyexcellence courses, to the highest class of NLP Certification.
Our Graduates become the successful practitioners by practicing NLP Techniques on self and others.

Corporate NLP

Nuviscoach is the India's number 1 Corporate Trainer of NLP and Corporate and Communication Excellence.
We offer a collection of courses to confirm company excellence.
These courses range from:

  1. Executive Training
  2. Business Application Training
    The Business Coach
    Advanced NLP Selling Skills
  3. Power of Clean Language

With Our Organisation you will enjoy an environment of innovative learning being in the company of like-minded people dedicated to quality.

Our Mission

The mission of NUVISCOACH is 'to set the bars of successes'. We do this through constantly pushing the boundaries, offering the highest quality of resources to our family of students and all the Delegates.

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