I am sharing something interesting here. Many times when you were driving somewhere, you finally arrived at your destination, and you have no idea how you got there? Can you recall such time when you turned corners, stopped at intersections, didn't hit any pedestrians, used your indicators, brakes, accelerator and even would have shifted gears? And your mind jolts to realize you were at the destination. That is your subconscious mind, which took control and drove the car while your conscious mind focused on something else.
Well believe it or not, that's exactly how it happens most of the time in our lives. Your subconscious mind has control. And, it's driving you to the destinations you want to reach in your life, which your subconscious mind believes you want to go to! Now look around you and notice the differences in the outcome for each individual, which is arising out of their actions.
Why performance of students studying in same class differs? Why two shopkeepers selling in the same market have different sales? Why despite all hard work one struggles in making money whereas someone else makes more money with fewer efforts? Why someone is always in a happy state of mind?
This all happens how your subconscious has been programmed. The subconscious gets programmed based on multiple factors. Like your upbringing, the kind of communication you were engaged into, the kind of reading and so on. Many good or bad beliefs get formed since our childhood. To quote a few; I can’t do this, I am not comfortable doing this, this is not my cup of tea; I am not that fortunate and many such.
Please note that your mind tends to become too "over-crowded" with negative thoughts. It keeps sabotaging our efforts to bring positive changes in our lives. By reinforcing deeply ingrained bad habits and old programs.
But now, it’s time to...UNLEASH the True Hidden Genius inside you and claim the things you want from life.
Imagine for a moment, what it feels like if you have everything in your life you truly desire? A deep love with your partner, an endless supply of cash, success and recognition, totally fulfilling life and more, much more.
Well, the good news is.
You DO Have The Power To Rewrite Your Reality...
(And, it's actually easier than you think!)

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can help you reprogram your pattern of thoughts. Your mind is like a computer and new programs of your choice can replace old programs. A few theories of sub-conscious mind suggest that this re-programming takes a minimum of 21 days provided rules of reprogramming are followed without any deviation. Whereas, NLP can make it happen for you in 30-40 minutes.
In general, when we try to change something in us our conscious mind doesn’t allow us to do that. It is a rigid mind who doesn’t allow new ideas to get in and loves to live in the comfort zone. That’s why you have been thinking about many changes you wanted to bring in yourself in terms of habits, behavior and thinking patterns but the same couldn’t be done.
NLP provides easy tools and techniques that help you by-passing your conscious mind to install new beliefs in your subconscious. Your subconscious doesn’t question or object for anything given to it. It is like the earth, which accepts all seeds and turns them into plants. You want better health, more money, good relationship, growing business, a better lifestyle or anything, you need to check your existing program and if required change it with better one with the help of NLP.

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The endless potential (your subconscious), which lives inside you has been around since time began. It’s only now you are beginning to rediscover it - and to get an exciting insight into its wonderful power.  Get in touch with the real YOU! And reclaim back you’re long lost power and endless potential? also watch this Video 
Once Subconscious accepts an idea it starts executing the same. Therefore, you can give any damn idea to it