Have you felt butterflies in your stomach while entering a hall full of people and you have to make an impression? If so don't worry every one of us get anxious when we have to go and talk to people known or unknown. It is a subconscious behaviour of ours, which makes us do jouska analysing and preparing ourselves for conversing. You can take charge of this feeling by programming your subconscious mind. This feeling can be termed as social anxiety. 


Getting judged by people is a fear many of us have. This fear makes us nervous and anxious which leads to avoiding attending social gatherings and interacting with people in social circles. This with time starts limiting your way of life and obstacle to your happiness in different ways. Many times we have the spouse who tells us that their partner due to the fear of getting judged does not come with them for office gathering or important events of their life. Which is clear that it is affecting relationships too. We all understand this aspect well that kids follow what they see more than what is taught, here the kid also starts becoming less social and prefers to stay isolated. These kids in future are more prone to depression and introvert behaviour. 


In NLP we make you unlock this limiting belief of yours and explore your true potential. Phobia is a stronger version of fear. When fears become more prone it turns to be a phobia. How to take charge of your fear of social interaction is a question you may have. In NLP we teach you how to overcome your fears and phobias. We have many participants who have height, water, reptiles and many more such phobias. One such phobia is social dealings, which starts with fear, makes you behave anxiously and then leads to phobia. 

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NLP helps you to program your subconscious mind to overcome these feelings of fear, anxiety & phobia. We all have with time considered our memory to be our intelligence, due to which we behave based on our experiences that are stored in our memory. If we have a bad experience we will always apply that memory to every similar situation. This pattern of our perception limits us and makes us behave based on memory. Through NLP we help you erase memories, reprogram memories and store memories in the way you want to it to be stored. 


Let us take an example when we ask you to think of going to a social gathering you will have a few images flashing in your mind of some social interactions you had. In that there will be some particular images that will create vibrations in your mind. These vibrations can be positive or negative. Based on these feelings your neurological pathway makes you generalise all you social interactions and you with time start believing that all your social interactions are similar in nature. Now, if you have unpleasant interactions in your experience, you start disliking going and meeting people. As you have generalised that all people who are part of this social circle are judging you. When you start avoiding these conditions the anxiety becomes fear and then a phobia. 


Through NLP you can manage these memories, visuals, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, behaviour and in turn your own self more effectively. We always say NLP starts with techniques but it is not about just learning these techniques. It is a way of life. You need to make it a subconscious process for you to ripe the rightful fruits from the learning. In the same way NLP will help you overcome your social anxiety and break your limiting beliefs that will let you explore your unknown power to interact with people, in public and social gatherings. 

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