NLP courses in Kathmandu Nepal

The land of Himalyas Nepal had a new experience on the occassion of NLP course by the renowned and best NLP coaches from India Vinay Sharma and Pritam Goswami. Nuviscoach has been serving people through NLP Practitioner course which helps the people to get rid of Fears, Phobia, bad memory or experience, Depression, anxiey, Pain and all types of psychosomatic diseases. Yes even healing the diseases like Asthama,allergy and seizures are possible that too in just a few minutes and without medicine. Live demonstration displaying the NLP techniques where people could see the result instantly.
I would like to share a couple of experience.
A gentlemen Yogesh who is a techer by profession and Ramesh RJ in Nepali Radio had been suffering from height phobia for quite long. In case of yogesh it was so intense that when we sent him out for testing the intensity and he was  accompanied by few more participants. The moment he reached near the parapet wall of the 5th floor he vommitted. But after using Fast Phobia of the new code NLP he felt so happy as if he got a new life and all together a new experience.
Such types of experiences enriches the feelings and take the feeling to the next level
SO remain connceted for more such experiences at