Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the tool you can use to reprogram your subconscious thoughts to your advantage. Influence of our subconscious mind drives our behavior. Our everyday experiences build up a neurological pathway to the way we think. This pathway with repeated same behavior or pattern of action gets reinforced and hence becomes our habit. Hence, when you want any change in your life you need to make substantial changes at your subconscious level to change the habit. An NLP trainer can always be a perfect person to offer you a accurate way of doing it. 


Whoosh! Is it too technical for you to understand? Let me simplify it for with an anecdote. We at Nuvis Coach, being master practitioners of NLP and NLP Trainers, conduct training to train people on NLP tools & techniques. Which gives us an extensive level of exposure to do personal coaching along with in-depth interaction with participants at the training events. This lets us come across so many instances where we realize that few language patterns or repeated reinforced statements make the person start believing, which is not the fact. 


One such participant came to us with a firm belief that she had a weak memory. We started to understand what is the root cause of her memory issue. During the discussion, we realized that it is not a memory problem. She has been multi-tasking in her multiple roles, which made her stay distracted or overloaded wherein; she uses to miss completing a few tasks. This lead to her family members started saying that she has a memory problem and she does not remember. This repeated happenings made her believe that she had a memory issue. Eventually, when she finished our four-day practitioner course she was with a firm conviction that she has no memory issue. The issue was more of prioritizing and delegating her work or saying NO in situations where she can. There was no relevance to her memory as a problem. 

We many times in life start believing things that we repeated see or experience. In the same way, when we repeatedly do some actions they become our subconscious pattern. NLP Trainer can help you change these patterns and break the myth you perceive. 


During coaching & training, we not only address participants one to one challenges but also train them to manage others and their own future such concerns. End of training is no end of learning from coaches; Nuvis Coach extends coaching till six months duration post the training and helps you sail through the complete adoption process. 


Hence, next time you find you need to change your habit or notion about your beliefs. Reach Nuvis Coach, we the coaches are her to help you set your neurological paths in the pattern you want them to be and unleash your hidden potential. We the coaches find it our pleasure when we are able to facilitate our participants to bring the desired change in their lives. It is our privilege to be the medium of bringing a smile and happiness in participants’ life.